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What all law enforcement should be telling the ATF

Great video from Attorney Tom Grieve interviewing Sherriff Brent Waak (Polk County, Wisconsin) on his letter to the ATF concerning their change in the pistol brace rule and the three page reply from the ATF. We need more law enforcement officers like Sherriff Waak.

Link to the response letter in its entirety. 

Gavin Newsome, governor of California... coming for your guns and your freedoms

Beware those who think they know better than you and use false information and fear to achieve their goals. Gavin thinks he is better than you. He thinks he is your ruler and you are his subject. How stupid are those who vote arrogant people like Gavin into office...

Federal judge blocks more provisions of New Jersey’s concealed carry law

Amazing article where a federal judge is actually doing their job... not ruling on emotion. My favorite quote from the article?


"This court is painfully aware of the gun violence that has plagued our nation," Bumb wrote. "But what the state and the Legislature-intervenors ignore, and what their empirical evidence fails to address, is that this legislation is aimed primarily — not at those who unlawfully possess firearms — but at law-abiding, responsible citizens who satisfy detailed background and training requirements and whom the state seeks to prevent from carrying a firearm in public for self-defense."


Another great video from Colin Noir... Give it a watch. Notice a theme from the elites? And give Colin a follow on YouTube.

Great video from Colin Noir... Give it a watch

Discover to enable tracking of purchases at gun retailers from April - Reuters


More attempts at a national database. This will be successful in tracking the purchases of law abiding citizens, however do nothing to track where the bad guy gets his/her gun. Another attack on our Constitutional rights.

In rebuke to gun control efforts, feds prohibit banks from imposing industry-wide blacklists

Good news for the short term... however with the anti-gun / anti-2nd Amendment Biden administration coming into power, this will probably change quickly.


The Definition of '...shall not be infringed'


A great piece by Lt. Colonel Allen West. Spot on. A warning to us all...

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