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Attack of the anti-gun president

Posted by on May 3, 2016 at 3:18 am.


By Katie Pavlich – 05/02/16 06:37 PM EDT
Last week, President Obama made an announcement about so-called smart guns, advocating for additional federal funding for the technology long opposed by self-defense advocates and law enforcement agents.

“My Administration released a plan today to expedite the development of smart gun technology, including by identifying the requirements that smart guns would have to meet in order for law enforcement to purchase and use them effectively — and keep themselves and the public safer in the process,” Obama said. “As long as I’m your president, I will do everything in my power to make our communities safer and keep guns out of the wrong hands.”

Obama of course failed to mention his recent decision to commute the sentences of a dozen violent felons who broke federal gun laws in order to carry out drug crimes, but you can read more about that in my previous column.
Right on cue, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety backed the president, by publicly expressing gratitude for the move. “We applaud President Obama for taking this important first step,” Everytown President John Feinblatt released in a statement.

Just one day before Obama’s latest gun control push, Everytown’s latest celebrity spokesman Amy Schumer made an appearance on Comedy Central, where she performed a QVC style skit selling a gun.

Amazing how the White House, celebrities and gun control groups happen to repeatedly push for new initiatives in an organized fashion at the same time.

In the skit, Schumer is seen handling a real gun, with a magazine loaded and the chamber closed, tossing it around, pointing it at her co-host Kyle Dunnigan (who in return points the gun at Schumer’s head), placing her finger on the trigger and endless cringe-worthy, painful and idiotic moves. For those who aren’t familiar, the four gun safety rules are as follows:

1. All guns are always loaded.
2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
4. Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

The disregard for these rules is negligence, which Schumer and Dunnigan displayed well. The skit received heavy backlash, prompting Schumer to take to Twitter.

“Hey journalists thanks for all the heat from last nights #endgunviolence message. Please use the term ‘gun safety’ instead of ‘gun control,’” Schumer tweeted after the episode aired.

How ironic. After breaking every rule in the book for safe gun handling, Schumer took to the internet to lecture her critics, and journalists, about gun safety.

On top of negligently and dangerously breaking all gun safety rules in the skit, Schumer made several gun control talking points that have been roundly debunked, including her claim that felons can legally purchase firearms.

“To be clear: The kind of transaction Schumer’s character describes is illegal. Federal law prohibits felons from getting a gun unless their rights have been formally restored,” PolitiFact reported about the skit.

But while Schumer and her Bloomberg anti-Second Amendment handlers attempt to further hijack the term “gun safety” as a cover for “gun control,” their favorite political target is providing real gun safety to tens of thousands of Americans each year.

The National Rifle Association has been offering gun safety courses to anyone interested in taking them since its founding in 1871. Today, there are thousands of NRA-certified instructors, and hundreds of gun safety courses are held every year in cities and local communities across the country. At the beginning of 2016, the NRA launched a new gun safety program online that allows people to learn about gun safety rules when their schedule allows, opening the door for even more students to gain the knowledge they are seeking. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, which teaches children to stay away from firearms and to tell an adult if they find one, has helped to reduce child-related firearms accidents by 75 percent since its implementation in 1988. All of this is worth far more than lectures about gun control or “smart gun” technology.

Not only do the Amy Schumers of the world and the gun control groups who support her fail to provide real gun safety lessons, they oppose them. This was recently displayed by comedian Samantha Bee, who openly mocked the Eddie Eagle program as “lame” during a segment for her TBS show “Full Frontal.”

The true gun safety advocates, as they have been for centuries, are the millions of members of the NRA and other training organizations. Schumer and Everytown should leave the issue to the experts — after all, they aren’t really interested in safety, they’re interested in gun control.

Pavlich is editor for and a Fox News contributor.

Police Response Time

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Police Response Time


No matter what some people would say, being a victim isn’t noble or morally superior to being a capable survivor.

Predators who select victims based on the expected inability to resist, often desist when even a small number of the expected easy marks give them trouble. For example, where even a few women are known to be armed, all women benefit from the reduction in attempted rapes and other violent crimes. That no external differences indicate which person is defenseless and which isn’t makes all of us safer.

When a threat to your safety comes from a hostile human, it is unrealistic to expect that an assault would be postponed long enough to let you call for help …

Percent distribution of incidents where police came to the victim, by police response time and type of crime. source: U.S. Dept of Justice, 2008. (most recent data available)

Response Time
Within 5 min
6-10 min
11 min to 1 hour
Within 1 day
Longer than 1 day
Length of time unknown
Not ascertained
Violent Crime *
Aggravated assault
Simple assault
Property crimes
Household burglary
Motor vehicle theft

* Includes data on rape and sexual assault.

Information from Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners

Gun Friendly Businesses Do Good Business!

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From the Washington Times comes an interesting article that all business should pay attention to. It is called common sense. Sadly, many people think a sign that say no guys will be obeyed by criminals. If only that were the case. So… If you were a criminal, where would you go to do a crime? A place where there may be armed individuals with the ability to defend themselves, or a place that does not allow the lawful possession of guns? I thought so… Enjoy the article and happy shooting.


More than 57,000 gun-friendly bars, eateries crop up across America

Welcoming armed customers can attract Second Amendment rights activists, deter crime

– The Washington Times – Monday, September 1, 2014

The owners of TBonz Steakhouse in Augusta, Georgia, decided to be proactive when Republican Gov. Nathan Deal signed into law one of the most comprehensive pro-gun bills in the country this April, which allowed firearms into the state’s bars and restaurants.

The eatery hung up a “No Guns” sign on its front door.

Its customer backlash was so harsh and quick that the steakhouse immediately took down the sign and then posted a mea culpa on its Facebook page.

“The sign that was put up regarding firearms has been removed,” TBonz said in its Facebook posting this May. “It was our intention to get the attention of IRRESPONSIBLE gun owners. But then we realized that irresponsible gun owners do not pay attention to signs.”

Carrying rights are now a reality in every state, while only three states — Maine, North Dakota and Illinois — claim a complete ban on guns in restaurants or any establishment that derives more than half of its profits from alcohol. In many states, including Ohio, it’s up to the customer to refrain from drinking alcohol while carrying a firearm — which can be an operational headache. Some remain silent on the issue, essentially giving a free pass to carry.

crusader: Bryan Crosswhite, owner of The Cajun Experience, started a website,, that lists pro-Second Amendment eateries and businesses.

crusader: Bryan Crosswhite, owner of The Cajun Experience, started a website,, … more >

While each state’s bill is written differently and has varied licensing requirements, most give restaurant and bar owners the right to “post” their establishment — that is, to tack a sign onto their door either prohibiting or allowing guns.

After the 2012 Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting, many national chain eateries, including Starbucks, Sonic and Chipotle, told their customers to leave behind their weapons — homing in on what they believed to be a rising national antigun sentiment.

However, many smaller restaurants and bars are embracing guns, telling patrons to come in and eat armed for a variety of reasons, including not angering their own customer base, to attract Second Amendment rights activists and to not leave themselves vulnerable to crimes by blatantly stating everyone in the joint is unarmed.

The Cajun Experience in Leesburg, Virginia, has Second Amendment Wednesdays, where patrons are encouraged to either go concealed carry or open carry.

“This is a Virginia restaurant, and we abide by Virginia state laws, which allow for open carry or concealed carry in a restaurant — so why should I hinder it? It’s our constitutional right to bear arms,” said Bryan Crosswhite, owner of the Cajun Experience. “We definitely see more traffic since we started this. It’s been an overwhelming response.”

In addition to owning a gun-friendly eatery, Mr. Crosswhite has started an organization that lists other pro-Second Amendment companies nationally, called He started the venture this winter and already has 57,000 businesses signed on. is another registry where Second Amendment activists keep a log of both gun-friendly shops and the anti-Second Amendment stores in Arizona and Kansas. They meet monthly to both update the list, converse and eat and drink with their weapons in a firearm-friendly establishment.

Local shops who show the love to gun-toting customers are getting it in return.

Sharma Floyd, owner of Shiloh Brew & Chew in Maryville, Tennessee, has gained national media attention by putting a sign in the window of her restaurant welcoming firearm owners with permits, and business has been booming. At Shooter Grill in Rifle, Colorado, waitresses are packing. All Around Pizzas & Deli in Virginia Beach gives discounts to patrons who show up armed.

And at Chicken Express in Bossier City, Louisiana, a free combo meal was given to patrons who showed up with a concealed carry license this April. Owner Randal Neel said it was the busiest Saturday the store has ever had.

The new deal wasn’t just to generate more business — although it certainly didn’t hurt — but to stand up for gun owners’ rights as state legislators discuss new gun legislation, Mr. Neel told his local ABC affiliate, KLTV.

“It feels really good to be able to stand up for what you believe in,” Mr. Neel told the television station.

Some bar owners whose states allow concealed carry prefer to let their customers guess who may or may not be packing rather than plaster a sign onto the door banning all guns.

“I thought if you would go and put up a sign saying ‘No concealed carry,’ what if a crook came in and realized he was the only one with a firearm? Why should I post that?” said John Kavanaugh, owner of Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club in Madison, Wisconsin. “There’s never been an issue about it. We have such a variety of customers — older, younger, a lot of families — and I stay out of the mix.”

Mr. Kavanaugh isn’t the only store owner who believes mum is the word.

Stephanie Evans, owner of Wings on the Run in Greenville, South Carolina, was grateful she kept a firearm at her place of business.

In January, about 10 minutes to closing, an armed masked man barged through the restaurant’s door demanding she open the cash register. Simultaneously, a coworker ran to the back, got out the store’s firearm, shot twice, nailed the robber, and had him on the run.

“Nothing was stolen. I’m so glad we had that firearm,” Mrs. Evans said of the ordeal. “I’m not sure what would’ve transpired had we not.”

The South Carolina legislature passed a bill this year allowing for concealed carry in restaurants. No sign has been posted on Mrs. Evan’s door either for or against firearms.

But that’s not true elsewhere.

The Pit Authentic Barbecue in Durham, North Carolina, decided to take a different approach when North Carolina made it legal to carry concealed guns in bars last year. Managers swiftly hung a “No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms” sign in the window.

The barbecue restaurant was robbed at gunpoint in May. Two employees were injured, with one ending up in the hospital.

The restaurant has stuck to its guns: It still doesn’t permit concealed carry.

5 Cool Firearms from the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting

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National Rifle Association... Join up! Save your guns!While they may not be my 5 favorite firearms from the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting, I definitely have to say they are cool and worth a look! Enjoy the info, the pics and happy shooting!


Top 5 Firearms from the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting

Top 5 Firearms from 2014 NRA AM

Every year, thousands of people make their way from destinations across the country to the NRA annual meeting and some of us are even lucky enough to be paid to attend this firearms industry Mecca. No matter where you come from or what your profession is, we’re all giddy to see the latest offerings from the leading manufacturers. The 143rd NRA annual meeting went off without a hitch considering  the wide talk of potential anti-gun protests. After covering every square inch of the 9 acres of guns and gear the Indianapolis convention center had to offer, I’ve narrowed down my favorite firearms of the show.


SIG Sauer MPX-P – Who said us civilians couldn’t own a submachine gun? SIG has high hopes for this wicked multi-caliber “pistol”(wink-wink). Not only does this pistol remind me of a mix between an H&K MP5 and UMP, but it features SIG’s tried and true short stroke gas piston operating system. This means no matter what you’re doing or where you’re shooting this baby is going to function. What really excites me is the ability to quickly and easily change not only barrel length but caliber as well. SIG will be offering the MPX in 9mm NATO, 357 SIG, and 40 S&W. All this comes together to give you a small and nimble weapon system that is classified as pistol but readily takes advantage of SIG’s very own SB15 forearm brace. I was told at the show that we can expect this exact model to hit stores soon with an initial street price under $2k.

SPHINX SDP Compact Duotone

SPHINX SDP Compact Duotone – After being unimpressed at guns coated in every color of the rainbow at the show, I was caught dead in my tracks by this beauty. In my opinion if the Jericho 941 baby eagle and CZ75 came together and had a kid, this pistol would be the end result. The SPHINX SDP compact isn’t brand spanking new on the market but this Duotone model sure is. The SDP uses the same slide in frame and full guide rail design as the infamous CZ but is by no means a clone. You could say that this is a semi custom gun, seeing as how each slide is hand fit to rest perfectly in the metal frame. The folks at SPHINX couldn’t provide me with an estimated date as to when we can see this attractive 9mm at gun stores but after seeing it, I can’t wait to own one.


Faxon Firearms ARAK-21

Faxon Firearms ARAK 21 Upper Receiver– Ok, so technically this isn’t a firearm but it’ll turn any AR-15 lower into a gun we AR guys have always wanted. The ARAK-21 by Faxon Firearms aims to blend all the best features of the AR-15 and AK47 into one unit.  There are other upper receivers on the market that try to make this happen, however with the ARAK-21 you don’t have to change a single thing on your existing lower receiver. What instantly grabs my attention is that this system no longer requires a buffer assembly to function, so now you can finally have that folding stock you’ve always wanted. Another great selling point for me is the easily adjustable gas system, a simple click of a knob allows you to shoot subsonic ammo. Also if you’re not satisfied with the ballistics of 5.56, this upper is available in the hard hitting 300 blackout round. With prices starting in the $1,100 range, you get quite a lot of versatility out of something that you can ship directly to your home.


SRM Arms Model 1216

SRM Arms Model 1216- Similar in size to some of the latest and greatest bull-pup shotguns on the market, The SRM Arms model 1216 is only 32.5 inches from muzzle to recoil pad. What that means for us shooters is an easily maneuverable semi-auto shotgun for clearing rooms or shooting out of a vehicle. Tired of cutting you thumb up when loading shells under pressure? Not a problem with the model 1216, this shotgun features a whopping 16 round detachable magazine. After blasting through the first 4 shells, you rotate the magazine one click over and go to town. Don’t worry about shelling out the big bucks for slugs and buckshot to make this thing run, according to SRM Arms it’ll function flawlessly with the lightest of target loads. Unfortunately picking up a unique semi-auto shotgun has it’s drawbacks (list price is $2,400), however I do think it’s worth it for what you’re getting.

FNH FNS-9 Long Slide

FNH FNS-9 Long Slide– Countless years of testing in various competitive shooting sports have spawned the FNS-9 Long Slide. The FNS-9 has been around for a while now and it only makes sense that FNH offer it in a long slide 5 inch barrel version. If you’re split between an XD or M&P, this pistol is more or less a fusion of those firearms but does it with the impeccable quality that FN Herstal has been known for. I had the chance to talk with competitive shooter Pat Doyle about  the FNS-9, which he uses in USPSA. Pat pointed out several features that make the pistol one of a kind, like the front slide serrations, fully ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release, and the 3 included magazines that’ll go to hell and back for you. I was also clued in that those of us looking to upgrade certain key components of this gun for faster follow up shots should expect to see new offerings from the aftermarket in the near future. Based on the time I spent manipulating this pistol and from the features Pat pointed out, this was my favorite gun of the show. And with a street price of $500, I have a feeling it’s going to be extremely popular in the shooting sports community.

Every firearms manufacturer appears to be honed in to what we gun lovers want, and with the latest innovations as well as the reduction the MSRPs, it’s truly a great time to be in the market for a new gun. Let me know what you think of my Top 5 firearms from the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting, as well as any additions you might make, in the comment box below. As always guys, shoot em straight and be safe!

Are You Worried About Federal Agencies Arming?

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FDA armedI think it is getting a little ridicules that every federal agency is arming up. Something is going on. I really believe that it is time to wake up the average person. Who is the average person? Look around you… pretty much everyone. The average person is the person who takes no notice in what is going on around them on a daily basis. The average person is the person who is so busy in their day to day life they fail to see the danger that is beginning to rear it’s head to their liberties and freedoms. What am I talking about? Well I ask you, what does the FDA, the IRS, the department of Social Security and countless other federal agencies need to buy firearms, ammo, and body armor for? Their purpose is to serve the American citizen, not arm up for potential conflict. We have the armed forces (Army, Navy, Air Force & Marines), the National Guard & state and local police to protect our interests overseas, protect our borders & uphold the laws of the land. So again I ask, What does the FDA, the IRS, the department of Social Security and countless other federal agencies need to buy firearms, ammo, and body armor for? The article below is interesting in the fact it brings up and addresses the issue. Is President Obama planning on becoming a dictator? Really? While I am far from a fan of the man, and I believe he has been one of the worst presidents ever, overstepping his powers of office at every turn and pretty much spitting on the Constitution and morality, one needs to look further… beyond the president. Every wonder why he rose so quickly to his current position? Do some investigating. Our sister site, Hammering Truth has some very interesting links that will educate you as to the truth of the matter. Read the the article below. Talk to your friends about it. See what they think. Spread the word. Don’t allow your liberties and freedoms to be taken away for any reason!


Why are federal agencies arming themselves?

By Chad Groening,

submachine_gunA Second Amendment advocate has a theory about why the U.S. Department of Agriculture is buying body armor and submachine guns.

Mike Hammond, legislative council to Gun Owners of America, says it follows a pattern of other federal agencies that seem to be preparing for war – against us.

“We suspect that the federal government is anticipating and preparing for confrontation with American citizens,” he says, wondering aloud if President Obama is preparing for a dictatorship.

“What are the characteristics of a dictatorship?” Hammond asks rhetorically. “An individual who is bound not by the law, but by his own desires and his own goals. And that may be where we are now.”

In an online story with more than 6,000 comments, reported that the USDA put in a solicitation for lightweight submachine guns on May 7.

The Washington Times reported the federal agency is also requesting body armor.

The official request can be viewed here.

In a 2013 story about the “stockpile myth,” sought to downplay concerns – if not hysteria – over ammunition purchases by the federal government.

A second 2013 story at quoted a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, who told Congress the agency is not stockpiling ammunition and buys in bulk to save money.

The ammunition purchases were the topic of a congressional hearing, Forbes reported last year.

Still, Hammond wonders if the USDA closely watched the Cliven Bundy confrontation, when armed American citizens faced off against Bureau of Land Management agents in Nevada in past weeks.

He says it doesn’t make sense for the financially strapped U.S. Postal Service and the Social Security Administration to buy hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition.

The Washington Times story noted the purchases of small-arms ammunition by both agencies. The newspaper also noted the Department of Homeland Security had requested 450 million rounds of ammunition, and the FBI had requested 100 million rounds.

While various government agencies are stocking up on ammo, Hammond claims the Obama administration is making it increasingly difficult for American citizens to obtain ammunition. GOA discussed the ammo shortage on its website.




Firearm Law Suggestions? Email Your Representative!

Posted by on March 3, 2014 at 1:06 pm.

Michigan ConstitutionIt is a well known fact that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Or not doing anything ensures nothing gets done. For some time I have held the belief that the state of Michigan should control concealed pistol licenses and not individual counties. I have felt it should be placed on an individual’s drivers license along the lines of a CDL, chauffeur’s  or motorcycle endorsement. This would greatly streamline the process of obtaining or renewing your concealed pistol license. In the city of Grand Rapids, for instance, it take anywhere from four to six months to receive your CPL when first applying for one and 60 days or more to renew. This is crazy! So I squeaked! To my state senator. Luckily, Dave Hildenbrand is a hunter, sportsman and a strong supporter of the Constitution and I am hoping to hear back from him soon on what he thinks about my idea. If you agree with my idea please contact your representatives and help to get the ball rolling! Read below and post your thoughts… Happy shooting!


Hello Dave,
I was wondering if you had ever given thought to introducing legislation that would pull concealed pistol licenses away from counties and and placing them under the realm of the Secretary of State. Imagine it being an addition to an individuals drivers license. This would streamline the process for pretty much everyone and eliminate issues like I have experienced in Kent county where the wait to apply for or renew your CPL takes a ridiculous amount of time compared with other locations in the state. Please share your thoughts and if you think this could ever be a possibility.
Thanks you for serving your district well…


Commiefornia Strikes Again

Posted by on January 24, 2014 at 10:48 pm.

Bill Of RightsCommiefornia continues it’s anti Bill of Rights attack on the freedoms of American citizens. This time American gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is affected by the crazy over regulation of the Commifornia government. As I like to put it, what part of ‘Shall not be infringed’ do you not understand? From Mark Horne, Political Outcast has the following article posted. Take a read. If you live in Commiefornia, contact your state rep and do something about it. If you do not live in Commiefornia, contact your state rep and make sure this does not happen to you…


I wrote back in December about how the government can effectively neutralize the Second Amendment by economic sabotage of the country. People can have the right to bear arms and yet not be able to afford them due to government interference.

It seems the California government has launched a much more effective version of this strategy. Their regulations are so burdensome that, not only are guns more expensive, but gun sellers are giving up on the market. From Reason’s blog:

 California’s efforts to regulate firearms out of easy availability (an official summary of state gun regulations runs to 50 pages) continue to bear fruit, as Smith & Wesson announces that it’s not willing to comply with the latest round of inane rules, effectively removing most of its pistols from the state’s market. The specific bit of red tape pushing the company out is a requirement that new pistols (including modifications of existing firearms) incorporate controversial “microstamping” technology intended to leave unique markings on fired cases.

The microstamping is being exalted by liberals as a great new technology that can help solve gun crimes. The company released a statement that said in part:

 Smith & Wesson does not and will not include microstamping in its firearms. A number of studies have indicated that microstamping is unreliable, serves no safety purpose, is cost prohibitive and, most importantly, is not proven to aid in preventing or solving crimes. The microstamping mandate and the company’s unwillingness to adopt this so-called technology will result in a diminishing number of Smith & Wesson semi-automatic pistols available for purchase by California residents.

The company has decided to not make any improvements or changes in its M&P Shield and the SDVE pistols. In this way it can still sell them in California without being required to “microstamp” them. But California residents will no longer be able to buy any of Smith and Wesson’s other lines.

The California government has successfully interfered in the market so that potential gun buyers have fewer choices. Smith and Wesson is forced to lose business as well. This should all be ruled unconstitutional since it is an obvious attack on the Second Amendment. But it will probably never be challenged in court.

Our Military is Under Attack… And We Are Next!

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Obama-Gun-Control-2This is a post that is not yet about firearms, but it will be, given time. This is a post that should scare every American that reads it. This is a post that scares me to death in what it means. If you pay attention to the news you may have noticed that a large number of our military’s generals and commanders are being replaced for reasons that make no sense. Some say this is an effort to weaken our military by removing those in command with combat experience. Some say they are being removed because they would refuse to order those under their command to fire on American citizens. Whether any of this is indeed true or not, the article below should make you seriously think about what is going on… Read the article, discuss it with your friends, contact your representatives and be aware that there are some very scary things going on in our country and as citizens, we need to be very concerned.  Prepare for what is coming…


WASHINGTON – President Obama this year alone has fired some nine generals and flag officers, on top of at least four similar dismissals during his first term, suggesting that a purge may be the real reason behind the removals, which are being described as cases of personal misbehavior.

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, an outspoken critic of the Obama administration, claims it is part of Obama’s strategy to reduce U.S. standing worldwide.

“Obama is intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged,” he charged.

Duty personnel seem to back up this concern, suggesting that the firings are meant to send a message to “young officers down through the ranks” not to criticize the president or White House politics.

“They are purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, just keep your mouth shut,” one source said.

The military is looked upon as one of the last bastions of conservative ideas, even though under the Obama administration, it, too, has become a testing ground for social experimentation. The efforts include openly homosexual behavior and women in combat.

Three of the nine firings just this year were linked to the controversy surrounding the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. special mission in Benghazi, Libya.

In one case, U.S. Army Gen. Carter Ham, who commanded U.S. African Command when the consulate was attacked and four Americans were killed, was highly critical of the decision by the State Department not to send in reinforcements.

Obama has insisted there were no reinforcements in the area that night.

But Ham contends reinforcements could have been sent in time, and he said he never was given a stand-down order. However, others contend that he was given the order but defied it. He was immediately relieved of his command and retired.

Another flag officer involved in the Benghazi matter – which remains under congressional investigation – was Rear Adm. Charles Gaouette. He commanded the Carrier Strike Group.

He contends that aircraft could have been sent to Libya in time to help the Americans under fire. He later was removed from his post for alleged profanity and making “racially insensitive comments.”

Army Major Gen. Ralph Baker was the commander of the Joint Task Force-Horn at Camp Lamar in Djibouti, Africa. Baker contended that attack helicopters could have reached the consulate in time on the night of the attack.

He was relieved of his command by Ham for allegedly groping a civilian. However, there has been no assault or sexual misconduct charge filed against him with the military Judge Advocates General’s Office.

Six others were removed for a variety of alleged misconduct.

Army Brig. Gen. Bryan Roberts, who took command of Fort Jackson in 2011, was relieved of duty and fired for alleged adultery. While the charge remains in the United States Code of Military Justice, it has rarely been used since the days of President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Roberts served in Iraq as commanding officer of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team. He was the deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox, Ky.

Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Gregg A. Sturdevant was director of Strategic Planning and Policy for the U.S. Pacific Command. He also was commander of the aviation wing at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

Sturdevant was a highly decorated Marine with two Naval and Marine Commendations, two Naval and Marine Good Conduct medals and the Air Medal with a gold star.

Sturdevant had complained about getting supplies to his command. Yet, he was one of two commanding officers fired from the military for alleged failure to use proper force protection at the camp after 15 Taliban fighters attacked the camp on Sep. 14, 2012, resulting in the deaths of two Marines.

Marine Corps Major Gen. Charles M. M. Gurganus was regional commander in the Southwest and I Marine Expeditionary Force in Afghanistan. Gurganus had received the Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legion of Merit with Valor and three Meritorious Service Commendations.

His indiscretion? Gurganus questioned having to use Afghan security patrols alongside American patrols after two of his officers were executed at their desk and a platoon was led into an ambush.

Army Lt. Gen. David Holmes Huntoon Jr. served as the 58th superintendent of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y. While serving in Senior Planning and Education Services, he was “censored” for an investigation into an “improper relationship,” the Defense Department said. Yet, there was no mention on the nature of the improper relationship or whether an actual investigation ever took place.

Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina was deputy commander of U.S. Strategic Command. He had served as commander of Submarine Group Trident, Submarine Group 9 and 10 where every one of the 18 nuclear submarines with nuclear trident missiles of those three groups came under his command.

Among the commendations, Giardina earned six Legions of Merit, two Meritorious Service Medals and two Joint Service Commendation Medals. However, he was removed after coming under criminal investigation for the alleged use of counterfeit gambling chips while playing poker at a western Iowa casino.

Air Force Maj. Gen. Michael Carey was commander of the 20th Air Force in which he oversaw almost 10,000 people and 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles at three operational wings. He also served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

He was fired earlier this month for “personal misbehavior,” although no one is saying what that misbehavior was. His dismissal, however, came within 48 hours after Giardina was dismissed.

During Obama’s first term, he also oversaw the firing of at least four other generals.

Army Gen. David Petraeus, who retired to become the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, was pressured to leave that position after only a few months following allegations of adultery.

Gen. John Allen was relieved of duty for “inappropriate communications” with a woman allegedly involved with Petraeus. However, he was promoted to head NATO, but decided to retire.

Gen. Stanley McCrystal was fired by Obama for alleged comments he made in a Rolling Stone magazine article.

Gen. David McKiernan was removed from his post while commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in 2009. He didn’t go along with a counterinsurgency strategy.

He was replaced by McCrystal who did comply. However, Petraeus, who replaced McCrystal, reversed his restrictions on air power. Petraeus then was replaced by Allen, who abandoned counterinsurgency and refocused on training Afghans toward an orderly pullout by U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan.

Defending The Constitution

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bill-of-rightsStewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers appeared on Coast to Coast AM on September 8th and discussed the Constitution and the attempts that are being made to destroy our liberties and our Constitution. This is a great listen and it is so important for us to begin to realize what is going on and what attempts are being made to destroy our republic. From Coast to Coast AM…

Joining John B. Wells, Stewart Rhodes, founder and President of Oath Keepers, argued that there’s a relentless campaign going on to centralize power, militarize the police, and strip power out of the hands of average citizens. This kind of situation sets people up for a dictatorship, such as seen in Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany, he remarked. Rhodes believes that economic collapse and the ensuing chaos will be used to accelerate the centralizing of power, and the scrapping of the US Constitution.

His organization, the Oath Keepers, works with military veterans, law enforcement, and first responders to remind them of their oaths to defend the Constitution, and not “just follow orders” that go against the people. Their mission also includes training these veterans and officers to become community leaders, to be able to step in during a crisis, and not just wait for FEMA to belatedly offer help. It’s critical that people get involved with their own community, such as participating in a Neighborhood Watch, and learning what skills their various neighbors have, he suggested, adding that it’s also important to understand the logistics of communications, clean water, and power on the local level.

The real war going on is the elites versus the free people of the world, whom they seek to usher into a police state, Rhodes stated. The American people have to get back to their independence, starting with self-sufficiency and food reserves, yet the survivalist approach of working in isolation isn’t going to work, he commented. We have to think in terms of community, he said, such as a local VFW forming its own battalion.

The video below is the complete show including the first hour of the show discussing Syria. Enjoy the video and happy shooting!


How Did You Spend Labor Day?

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IMG_0002Happy Labor Day from the Shadow Wolves Society! My question to you is how did you spend your Labor Day? With family and friends I hope. We camped out, shot bows, shot guns and blew things up! I was lucky enough to be able to help instruct many young boys and girls how to properly handle a bow and arrow. I was also able to help a good number of people shoot safely for the first time. In a nut shell, we had a fantastic weekend. Without a doubt the most fun we had was blowing up a 1lb tub of tannerite. Enjoy the video below and happy shooting!