Firearm Law Suggestions? Email Your Representative!

Posted by on March 3, 2014 at 1:06 pm.

Michigan ConstitutionIt is a well known fact that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Or not doing anything ensures nothing gets done. For some time I have held the belief that the state of Michigan should control concealed pistol licenses and not individual counties. I have felt it should be placed on an individual’s drivers license along the lines of a CDL, chauffeur’s  or motorcycle endorsement. This would greatly streamline the process of obtaining or renewing your concealed pistol license. In the city of Grand Rapids, for instance, it take anywhere from four to six months to receive your CPL when first applying for one and 60 days or more to renew. This is crazy! So I squeaked! To my state senator. Luckily, Dave Hildenbrand is a hunter, sportsman and a strong supporter of the Constitution and I am hoping to hear back from him soon on what he thinks about my idea. If you agree with my idea please contact your representatives and help to get the ball rolling! Read below and post your thoughts… Happy shooting!


Hello Dave,
I was wondering if you had ever given thought to introducing legislation that would pull concealed pistol licenses away from counties and and placing them under the realm of the Secretary of State. Imagine it being an addition to an individuals drivers license. This would streamline the process for pretty much everyone and eliminate issues like I have experienced in Kent county where the wait to apply for or renew your CPL takes a ridiculous amount of time compared with other locations in the state. Please share your thoughts and if you think this could ever be a possibility.
Thanks you for serving your district well…


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